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Great item and well packaged.

Brilliant clock. My dad will love it!

Great item and well packaged!

Greatest Car Ever Built!

I purchased one 1:2 scale helmet wall mounted display case which the guys at Memento Exclusives specially made for me. I was so pleased with it I ordered six more! I also had these engraved which really adds the finishing touch to my Lewis Hamilton collection! These cases really show off 1:2 scale helmets extremely well. Thanks to Andy and the team for an excellent service!

Obsessed with this item, it's beautiful. Perfect Christmas present.

I am the very proud owner of Simon Canacott’s Lewis Hamilton original ‘Favourite.’

I absolutely love it. You can feel the forces acting on the car when you look at the painting, the movement and speed is captured brilliantly. It’s bold and dramatic and has a great story behind it (not quite as good as this one though, what a race that was!). And as Steve says, these paintings look magnificent from across the room and are fascinating to look at up close.

My girlfriend loves it too and she has no interest in F1 at all!

I bought this as a gift for an avid F1 went down a treat, and it was so much better in the flesh that a website could ever demonstrate. Thanks very much, may be adding another to the collection soon!

Great to see one of Simon's originals up for grabs.

I treated myself to his Jim Clark painting a couple of years ago, having never bought an original piece of artwork before.

What I really like about these is the fact that they demand you to keep going back and looking at them. At a distance you've got Lewis flat-out and the style suggests speed. Stand up close and you find yourself examining the array of shapes and colours that create the impression.

In the case of mine, rather than becoming part of the furniture, it has succeeded in being something I keep going back to and enjoying.

Nice gift for an F1 fan