Max Verstappen - Joseph Kraham Art

Max Verstappen - Joseph Kraham Art


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Created by American artist Joseph Kraham and hand-crafted using LEGO pieces, you can own this unique artwork depicting Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Kraham hand paints each individual LEGO brick, of which there are 17,328, using hundreds of colour shades to create portraits of famous sports stars. This piece of Max Verstappen has also been signed by the driver himself.

“One piece averages between 200 and 300 hours of work. I design them in Microsoft Excel to see if it’s even possible to create. I can spend 20 hours just designing and up to 100 hours painting the pieces… My Max Verstappen piece was the one that, without knowing it, changed my hobby to a profession!”

The artwork was created in 2017 and since the Kraham has been working on more F1 pieces, commissioned by Memento Exclusives.

You can read the full interview with Joseph Kraham on the Memento Exclusives blog. Read Here