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Keeping time - F1-style!

This stylish Formula One Gear Ratio clock ticks around a genuine race-used F1 Gear Ratio. Gear ratios are placed under a great deal of stress and are regularly retired. Playing a key role in the set-up of the car, the ratios are adjusted specifically to each track to determine acceleration and top speed.

The FIA F1 World Championship-used gear ratio has been mirror polished to sparkle on your desk or sideboard. At first glance it’s a unique, contemporary timepiece, on further examination you’ll see the unique part identification number from its Formula One past.

The clock comes complete with an official certificate of authenticity.

Mounted on a high-gloss acrylic stand, with silver-effect hands and F1-style vinyl numbers, the clock is a must-have statement piece for fans of F1.

Clock measures 14.8cm tall x 15cm wide x 7.5cm deep and is presented in a luxury gift box.

Get your piece of F1 history while stocks last!


Brilliant clock my dad will love it!

The best gift I've ever received, since it's smart, thoughtful and has a cool story behind it

Excellent product. Looks great in the lounge

Exactly what I was looking for. Husband absolutely delighted with it.

Stunning high end clock

Quick delivery, husband will love it.

Unlike your conventional road car gear ratio, F1 ratios have straight cut teeth – rather than helical – to reduce power losses and improve strength. A ratio is formed by combining two cogs inside the gearbox to form one gear, one on the input (or layshaft) shaft via the clutch and one on the opposing output shaft.  

It used to be common practise to change ratios for pretty much every circuit on the F1 calendar but since 2014 teams must nominate 8 forward ratios (plus reverse) ahead of the season. As a result, there is always a compromise between top speed and peak torque output.

Will Tyson, F1 Technical Writer @TheWPTformula