Red Bull F1 raced bodywork - Encapsulated in acrylic

by Jenny Brown
Acrylic encapsulation

We developed these unique corporate gifts, which were used for Red Bull Racing hospitality guests throughout the Formula One™ season.

Our design team hand-carved a raced Red Bull F1 engine cover into square segments, which were each encapsulated into a rectangular acrylic block. The acrylic encapsulation not only shows-off the recognisable front livery of the Red Bull F1™ car, it also shows the intriguing honeycomb structure behind the paintwork.   

These gifts were presented in a luxury branded box, complete with an official certificate of authenticity.

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Keeping Time in F1 Style

by Jenny Brown
F1 Clock

Keep time in F1™ Style

Our expert design team create stylish clocks made from race-used Formula One™ components. These brake discs, gear ratios and dog rings were once racing the F1™ tracks at over 200MPH. Now given a stylish and relaxing retirement for your home or office.

Brake Disc and Caliper Clock

The carbon brake disc is still attached to its carbon brake pads, and original AP racing 6-pot aluminium caliper.

The original F1 component identification numbers are still visible on the parts and the mechanic's markings have been left on the brake disc and calipers to preserve their racing heritage.

F1 Dog Ring Clocks

During their race career, they were set-up to shift gear at less than a second; around a third of the time it takes you to blink! The Dog Rings have been given a more relaxing, yet still time critical retirement. Re-styled into bold statement clocks for your home or office.

F1 Gear Ratio Clock with Base

The original F1™ Gear Ratio used to create this clock is a rustic silver colour and still bears its Renault-engraved unique part identification number. The Gear Ratio is mounted on a bespoke black base for display, and fitted with a white acrylic face. A must-have statement piece for fans of F1™

Browse the full collection of F1 Clocks and Lamps in the Memento Exclusives F1 store.

F1™ Car Bodywork Wallet

by Jenny Brown
F1 Wallet

A Formula One™ Car in your pocket!

We've been coming up with new ways for you to fit an F1™ car in your pocket!

Our design team have taken a Sahara Force India VJM05 race-used engine cover (from the 2012 season) and sliced it into
neat 10 cm squares to create these stylish wallets.

Each wallet is hand-crafted. The honeycomb structure is hand-scraped from the back of the original car bodywork squares to leave just the outer painted carbon fibre. A black & white F1™ car print lining is sewn into the notes pocket for a stylish finishing touch.

You can even choose the piece of bodywork that you would like on your wallet!  Available now in the shop for £149 each. Presented in a luxury gift box and with an official team Certificate of Authenticity.

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Interview with Nico Hulkenberg & Sergio Perez

by Jenny Brown
Perez and Hulkenberg

We were lucky enough to go backstage with one of our F1 partners; Sahara Force India at Silverstone. Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg modelled our raced Sahara Force India product collection with style and even took 5 minutes to give us a relaxed interview in our Engine Cover chair.

From raced Wheel Rim Tables, to Brake Disc Clocks and even Bodywork Wallets, our Sahara Force India products allow fans to own a genuine piece of the car.

Here are some of the best photos from the day, and our interview with the drivers.

Design Your Own 1/2 Scale Helmet

by Jenny Brown

These 1/2 scale helmets are perfect for corporate gifts and retail products. At 1/2 scale, they are small enough to keep on display and make great collectors' items.

  • Branded to match your exisiting helmet design, or designed from scratch with your business logo and colours.

  • Give your 1/2 scale helmet the perfect finishing touch with a perspex display case and personalised, laser-etched base. 

  • Add a bespoke packaging box for a luxury presentation option.

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