Delighted to work with our local Football Club...

by Jenny Brown


We're pleased to announce our latest sports framing partnership with NTFC. Our team are already busy working on the club's football shirt framing and unique football displays. Read the official press release below...

Northampton Town Football Club are delighted to announce that we have extended our partnership with Memento Exclusives for a further season.

"Memento Exclusives are our official framing partner and provide us with a fantastic service," said Commercial and Marketing Manager Caroline Lucy.

"We have worked with them for some time now and we know just what a quality service they provide. The highest tribute I can offer Memento and their work is that we trust them to help us provide the gifts we give to our matchday sponsors, and we only offer the very best gifts to those sponsors.

"We think long and hard before we enter in to or extend any partnership but for us this was an obvious extension, we are proud to be partnered with Memento."

Barry Gough, owner of Memento Exclusives, added, "Congratulations to everyone at Northampton Town on a remarkable season, and we are delighted to extend our link up.

"We work with some of the biggest names in sport to secure the authentic, unique items we offer, but we take great pride in our link up with Northampton Town Football Club and are looking forward to continuing to work with the League 2 Champions!"


Acrylic Encapsulation- Ideal for eye-catching corporate gifts and sports displays

by Jenny Brown

By encapsulating your sports materials and/or logos, we can create a truly unique product for you.

If you have a concept and budget, we can create a design to suit. Our acrylics can be any shape or size, with floating logos, or laser-engraved details. We can encapsulate almost anything and have the latest technology to provide you with the best visual representations - making your decisions easier.

We've encapsulated football turf, racing car parts, pieces of tyre, circuit boards, paint, oil and more for one-of-a-kind VIP gifts, and in bulk for major sports promotions.  

Simply contact us to discuss concepts. We'll create drawings, detailed computer visuals, and even a prototype sample to ensure that your finished piece is absolutely perfect.

We are delighted to exclusively bring the luxurious House of Hope formula to Formula One!

by Jenny Brown

House of Hope was founded by designer and model, Hope Dworaczyk. Hope began creating her line of Head Jewellery after her husband insisted she no longer ski in fashionable hats and wear a protective helmet instead. Not finding anything to suit her style, Hope took matters into her own hands. She met with Swarovski, and began designing the ultimate collection of ski helmets for the fashion conscious and world’s elite. 

Hope’s helmets are hand-embellished by her US House of Hope team, with only the finest Swarovski crystals. The top-secret Swarovski compound, and precision cut create the ultimate sparkle. Hope’s helmets are fully encrusted in crystals for an unparalleled, luxurious finish, which is absolutely stunning.

Contact us to discuss this exclusive service. Options are also available for Swarovski embellishments of other sports memorabilia. 

Volume Sports Framing

by Jenny Brown

Sports framing at Memento is bespoke and designed to match your style. Choose from a wide selection of mounts and frame colours, and you'll get exactly the look you desire.

No job is too big. We have the most up-to-date framing equipment and a talented team who will create innovative displays for your sports equipment, photographs and artwork.

Top sports teams, sports sponsors and marketing agencies frequently use our volume framing services for corporate gifts, employee rewards and promotional items. 

Find out more and Request a quote

Volume sports framing

Abi Marshall Charity Auction

by Jenny Brown

This week, we're lucky to have a guest blog by our friend Abi Marshall...

You may remember our #PinkF1 auction from November last year, which we ran with Abi, in support of breast cancer support centre, The Haven. Abi is big F1 fan and is living with currently incurable 'Secondary Breast Cancer' 

F1 Auction

#PinkF1 and the 2015 season

Last year I was incredibly lucky to get VIP access to two of the most glamorous Grands Prix. My trips to Monaco and Abu Dhabi have left me with indelible and wonderful memories.

In previous years I have watched the Grand Prix with the masses through general admission and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've watched the thrills and spills on the large screens from behind the safety fences, in pouring rain and scorching sunshine, with nowhere to shelter.  I have waited for food, drinks and merchandise in queues that seemed to go on forever, and I have wandered around the outer area of the pits and Paddock in the hope of seeing at least one famous face!

The inner world of Formula One is far removed from this! It isn't until you are given access to the 'Paddock' area; the inner sanctum, that you see the stark differences between the two sides. The die-hard fans who pay their hard earned cash to camp, sit, and wait in all weathers, compared to the hospitality, where the corporate world spends £0000's on silver service, unlimited food & drink and accesses what the 'real' fans would call F1's holy grail; the Pit Lane where you get the opportunity to see inside the garages, enjoy a pit walk, and, if lucky, meet the stars of the sport. I am fortunate to have enjoyed both of these worlds.

Monaco was wonderful; old money and Hollywood glamour where I experienced the Red Bull Energy Station, had dinner at the famous Cafe de Paris and watched qualifying from a yacht in the harbour whilst sipping Champagne. On race day, I had Pit Lane access meeting many of the familiar faces I usually watch on TV, and to top it off, I was invited to see inside the Williams garage. Utterly fabulous!

Abu Dhabi was the complete opposite; yet equally as special. Abu Dhabi is new money, it's loud, brash and exciting. Here I enjoyed Red Bull's Paddock Club, a Pit walk with access to the Red Bull garage, and watched qualifying from a yacht in the harbour directly across from the stunning Viceroy Hotel. I attended the after race party at the Amber Lounge, where every which way you turn to see familiar faces of the drivers, team crew and other celebs. 

For me, the highlight of Abu Dhabi was having the opportunity to meet ex Williams F1 test driver Susie Wolff.  Susie had learned of my “Pink F1” auction through Memento Exclusives.  Not only did Susie agree to donate some auction ideas, but she also invited me into the Paddock to meet her. She presented me with her signed mini helmet and also one from Lewis Hamilton (these will be available on the Memento F1 Auction soon!). We chatted about all sorts; her retirement from F1 and future plans, the auction, the importance of support for cancer patients. Thank you Susie; not just for helmets but for taking time out from your extremely hectic schedule to listen to my story and supporting my fund raising efforts.

There are other people I must name who also supported and donated to the Pink F1 auction; firstly Memento Exclusives who auctioned the items online free of charge and secured items for the auction from Sahara Force India, Paul Oz and Annemarie Wright. I would also like to thank Christian Horner, Claire Williams, Graeme Lowden and Zoom auction for your generous donations.  Sky F1's Crofty, Natalie, Rachel and Simon also showed their support by tweeting and supporting the auction, thank you. 

The first #PinkF1 auction has raised around the £2000 mark and I am now on a mission collecting more F1 memorabilia for a second Pink F1 auction.

2015 was an amazing year for me!  At a time when life was hurling huge missiles at me, the world of Formula One got me through and I am excited for the 2016 season; I can't wait to hear Crofty's immortal words "It's lights out and away we go!"

The Pink F1 auction is raising money for The Haven Yorkshire breast cancer support centre.  To learn how this money will be spent visit www.thehaven.org.uk

Also take a look at www.thepinkkayakchallenge2016.co.uk for another of our fund raising challenges. We are looking for volunteers, helpers and sponsors - can you help?

Abi Marshall (you can read my full blog here: livingmypinklife.com)

Sport Shirt Framing Offer!

by Jenny Brown

Whether you have a football shirt, rugby shirt or any other sports shirts you can receive our fantastic offer this month. To Celebrate the New Year! We are offering 10% off Sport Shirt Framing. If you have a sport shirt you want framing, order before January 31st 2016 and Quote: JERSEY10 for the discount to apply! Easy.

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#PinkF1 Auction

by Jenny Brown

F1 Stars pull together for Breast Cancer Auction

Abi Marshall, 44 is living with secondary breast cancer. Secondary (metastatic) breast cancer occurs when breast cancer cells spread from the breast, to other parts of the body. Sadly, there is currently no cure for this type of breast cancer.

Abi’s life has been turned upside down, since she first found a lump in her breast in April 2012. Despite her extremely tough, uncomfortable and frightening journey, Abi says she has “found positivity, strength, love, support and honesty through it”.

One of Abi’s great passions is Formula One – she has enjoyed watching the racing since childhood – and particularly supporting the many British-based teams and drivers. Due to her ongoing treatment, Abi finds every day tasks very difficult, however she is hoping to receive the go-ahead from her Oncologist to travel to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

“I wish I had seen these opportunities this way before, I took so much for granted in my life pre-cancer.”

Abi has summoned the strength to reach out directly to her Formula One idols and ask them for auction items to raise money for a charity which has helped her greatly; The Haven (Breast Cancer Support). Abi guessed the email addresses of prominent F1 celebrities, such as Claire Williams (Williams Team Principle), Graeme Lowden (Manor F1 Team CEO) & Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing Team Principle), and she has been overwhelmed by their support and generosity. She’s received personal emails from many of the F1 personalities that she wrote to, who have offered her their support and advice.

All profits from this auction will go to breast cancer support centre, The Haven, which provides their ‘Haven programme’ free of charge to anyone affected by breast cancer. The programme includes counselling, complementary therapies, emotional support and information to meet the physical and emotional needs of people affected by breast cancer before, during and after treatment. In the UK, almost 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The Haven receives no government funding and relies entirely on charitable donations and fundraising events to meet all our costs.

Bid on your piece of Formula One heritage and support Abi’s campaign today. The auction will run until the close of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, on Sunday November 29th.

> Place your bids in the F1 Auction

(Abi with Sky F1 presenters David Croft and Natalie Pinkham )

Auction Item donation thank yous go to:

- Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing F1 Team)
- Graeme Lowden (Manor F1 Team)
- Claire Williams (Williams F1 Team)
- Zoom
- Amlin Aguri
- Paul Oz
- Annemarie Wright
- Sahara Force India F1 Team
- Lotus F1 Team

Photography for #PinkF1 image thanks to James Moy

Wall Mounted Sahara Force India Car Parts

by Jenny Brown

New in the Shop!



Take a look at what’s just arrived in the Memento Exclusives Shop!


Update your wall art with a genuine piece of the Sahara Force India car. These wall-mounted, raced car parts are, by their nature, absolute one-of-a-kinds. Each with its own unique F1 heritage and wearing its race markings like a badge of honour. There are wall-mounted car parts dating back to the 2010 season, and as recent as 2014.


Each comes complete with an official Sahara Force India certificate of authenticity.


ALSO, not to be missed are the new F1 bodywork wallets! Bodywork from the Sahara Force India VJM05, VJM06 and VJM07 cars has been hand-cut and hand-stitched into luxury leather wallets. You can choose the part of the car for your wallet from a set of 50 designs.


See the ‘raced’ Sahara Force India collection in the Memento Exlusives Shop!

Christmas Gift Shop

by Jenny Brown

Browse our collection of ultimate F1™ Christmas gifts! Plus, Football & Rugby gifts - new for Christmas 2015!

Genuine F1 Parts, direct from the teams and drivers. Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity and luxury packaging. Buy yours while stocks last!

Oxford United Sports Framing

by Jenny Brown
Sports Framing Oxford United

New Sports Framing Partnership with Oxford United Football Club

We're pleased to announce our latest sports framing partnership with OUFC. Our team are already busy working on the club's football shirt framing and unique football table centres for their upcoming VIP event. Read the official press release below...

Oxford United are pleased to welcome Memento Exclusives as the club’s new Official Framing & Memorabilia Partner.

With over 25 years sports framing experience, Memento create sports displays for the world’s best sports teams and their partners. They frame all sorts of sports; from golf balls, to football boots, rugby shirts, and even racing car parts, working directly with sports teams and sports stars to guarantee authenticity.

Memento will be responsible for all of the club’s framing for sponsors, gifts for key clients and also the excellent Proud History, Bright Future wall in the tunnel which features the debut shirts of players to graduate to the first team from the club’s Academy.

Pictured in front of the debut shirts of our current academy graduates playing in the first team squad is Barry Gough, MD at Memento and Andy Wooldridge, Head of Corporate at OUFC.

Andy told us:

“Memento have been fantastic partners for a while and the arrangement has now been formalised so they join our growing list of official partners. They really help us present the club in a fantastic way. For example all of our matchday sponsorship packages now include a framed gift as a thank you, either a shirt, programme or ball (in a case) is presented to the sponsor before each game. Memento are also coming in to talk to the players about framing some of their special shirts from throughout their careers, which is a great idea.

“Everything they do has looked fantastic and we look forward to the partnership growing in the future.”

Barry Gough said:

“We are delighted to add Oxford United to our list of sports framing partners. Together, we will continue to deliver innovation and excellence in football framing and memorabilia.”  

Oxford fans can contact Memento for a special rate on framing of any special OUFC memorabilia they have stashed away.