Half scale racing helmets – Corporate Gifts

Imagine accelerating to first place and then winning a custom-made half scale racing helmet!
These magnificent corporate gifts awarded to the race winner, runner up and 3rd place driver in the annual Driver World Championship Rally 2016, sponsored by Shell Eco-marathon.

Each half scale racing helmet started its journey as an initial idea by the customer, which our design team turned into a concept drawing – bringing their ideas to life. Once the concept drawing had approval, we began producing the helmets.
The first stage was to custom-make three half-scale racing helmets – We can almost create anything at Memento!

Working to the customer’s requirements, each helmet was hand-painted in the official pantone colours of yellow and red to replicate the Shell logo. The last stage was to ensure that each half-scale racing helmet looked amazing when presented. Our design team hand-made the bases from white acrylic; measured to perfection, with a helmet holder in the centre to stop the racing helmets from moving around. Complimenting the half scale racing helmets are the anodised aluminium plaques, which incorporate the Shell logo. Vinyl stickers add impact to finish off the design, making them look superb!

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Half scale racing helmets are one of the many corporate sports marketing services offered by Memento Exclusives. We pride ourselves in our professional products with attention-to-detail throughout. If you have a corporate gift requirement please contact Andy on +44 (0)1327 831536, or use the form below to request a quote

Half scale racing helmets

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