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It’s always a pleasure to work with Innovation 1st who create beautiful branded products for their clients. We custom made these bespoke corporate gifts for the Hyundai Rally team which were then awarded to lucky employees at their annual award ceremony.

Innovation 1st provided us with 10 individual car parts; 5 pistons and 5 conrods, which our design team transformed into professional corporate gifts.

Each gift started as a custom concept drawing to bring the idea to life. The first part of the process was to securely fit each car part onto a custom-made carbon fibre base. Carbon Fibre is one of our design team’s favourite materials to work with. 10 times stronger than steel and half its weight, the Carbon Fibre used for the world’s best fast cars starts off as a roll of woven fabric. Once moulded, the sheen and curves of Carbon Fibre are unrivaled for a luxury racing finish.

Each Carbon Fibre base was finished with an anodised, aluminium plaque with full-colour logo & signatures and topped with a custom acrylic display case.

A memorable corporate gift and a memento to keep and admire for the lucky recipients.

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Carbon Fibre Bases

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