Professional acrylic encapsulation for your sports team or business.

Acrylic is a versatile material – ideal for eye-catching corporate gifts and sports displays. By encapsulating your sports materials and/or logos, we can create a truly unique product for your sports team or marketing campaign.

Our acrylics can be any shape or size, with floating logos, or laser-engraved details. We can encapsulate almost anything and have the latest technology to provide you with the best visual representations – making your decisions easier.


We've encapsulated football turf, racing car parts, pieces of tyre, circuit boards, paint, oil and more for one-of-a-kind VIP gifts, and in bulk for major sports promotions.

Basketball Corporate Gifts


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Simply contact us to discuss acrylic encapsulation concepts. We’ll create drawings, detailed computer visuals, and even a prototype sample to ensure that your finished piece is absolutely perfect.

Football Pitch Turf

These gifts were for the diamond club members. We encapsulated 200 pieces of football pitch turf. Finished off with laser engraved logo and presented in a gift box.

Raced F1 Gear

Hand embedded in high optical quality acrylic for an impressive piece of memorabilia, which preserves the racing heritage for generations to come. The main curved acrylic section is bonded to the plinth to incorporate the team colours. The team logo, and a description of the embedded part are also all embedded within the acrylic itself.


For the 2013 NBA Finals. Basketball sections cut and encapsulated in the acrylic with screen printed floating logo. Chamfered edges for a smooth finish.

Golf ball and Score Card

We can encapsulate virtually anything.

Moulded to any shape

If there is a specific shape you would, our expert design team can mock up drawings to your requirements.

Shotgun Cartridge

Encapsulated for a Clay pigeon shooting company.

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