Acrylic encapsulated designs - crafted by our specialist team. From initial idea, to the finished acrylic design, we'll provide you with detailed concept drawings to ensure the finished piece is just right!

One of our design team’s favourite materials to work with is acrylic. Its high gloss finish really sets-off the article inside and preserves iconic sporting moments for generations to come.

The acrylic encapsulation process is something truly magical and has been likened to baking a gourmet cake …

Acrylic Design Process - Wheel Nuts in Acrylic
Acrylic Design - Close-up


We start with the two main ingredients; acrylic resin powder (polymer) and monomer (a crystal clear liquid). Our production team mix the powder and monomer together according to our recipe of precise proportions. The mixture is carefully hand-poured into moulds and allowed to partially harden. At this stage, the acrylic mix is opaque and will only reveal its true beauty at the end of the process.


Once the mixture is partially hardened, the sports memorabilia is positioned into place by hand. A layer of acrylic is poured over the memorabilia and it is then left to harden and fully take shape.


Next, the moulds are placed into an oven to bake overnight. Once cool, the moulds are removed and each acrylic design is machined to its finished size.


The final production step is polishing the piece, which is done by hand, unveiling the lustre of the acrylic design. The polishing transforms the previously dull acrylic to its crystal clear appearance.

Due to its high optical clarity, acrylic is a popular choice for clients who are looking for a high quality finish. Our acrylic design and encapsulation projects have included F1 car bodywork, premier league football turf,  pieces of NBA match-winning basketballs, golf balls, F1 car paint, racing car oils and more. See a full gallery of our acrylic design and encapsulation work here.


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